AIM Hosted Update 2011-05-26

posted Jun 2, 2011, 3:40 AM by Dwayne Oedewaldt   [ updated Jul 12, 2011, 6:44 AM ]

Touch Screen System (BETA) & Automatic Resize

Changes made to the database for implementation of the touch screen system

client table

added column touch_code

touch_code holds the code for the client to log into the touch screen system


client_history table

added column touch_code

modified 3 triggers that update the history table


service table

added column touch_inserted

touch_inserted is used to identify service rows that are added via the touch screen system


aim_defaults table

added 3 columns to support security on the touch screen system

run_touch, exit_touch, and setup_touch


added 2 tables to support the touch screen system




added two views to suport the touch screen system




added procedure getTouchDOWPK


granted all employees with administrator level access the following permissions:

Run Touch Screen

Exit Touch Screen

Setup Touch Screen


changed database version from 11.05.00 to 11.05.01


Changes made to the application to support the touch screen system

changed AIM Hosted application to only run against a database with version 11.05.01

added two new sections to AIM Hosted under the File menu

Touch Screen

Touch Screen Setup


Touch Screen is the interface that clients will use

Touch Screen Setup is for employees granted permission to setup the touch screen system


three new security options have been added under Screens | Employees | Defaults screen

Run Touch Screen

Exit Touch Screen

Setup Touch Screen


An employee has to be granted Exit Touch Screen permission in order for their employee ID to exit the touch screen interface system.


The default client screen has a field added to record the code clients will use to log into the touch screen system.  Users with custom screens will need to have their custom screens modified to incorporate the touch_code field.


Automatic resize

As part of the development of the touch screen system Saber Corporation needed to add code to resize the screens to take up all available screen space.  Incorporating this change to the majority of the other AIM screens was trivial after the development of the resize system was complete due to the way AIM Hosted is written.