About our Software

AIM - Advanced Information Manager

Developed 16+ years ago to help Senior Centers meet the reporting requirements of Federal, State, and local funding sources.  AIM has continued to evolve with the industry continually meeting the NAPIS reporting requirements from AoA while maintaining the flexibility to collect and report on the data that is needed for all other funding sources.

AIM Hosted

When AIM was initially developed it was only offered as a client/server software package installed at your location.  Over the years as advancements in technology has allowed us to transition AIM from this client/server model to a internet hosted model.  This means that there is no longer any software from Saber Corporation that needs to be installed at your location and you are not limited to having the application only while at the office.  With the Hosted version of AIM you can access AIM on any computer connected to the internet including Android and iPhone smart phones and devices using RDP applications built for these devices.

AIM for the future

As mentioned above AIM can be accessed from some smart phones provided you have the phone connected to the internet.  This means even more flexibility for the future and opens up previously difficult to accomplish data collection at the customer's location.  Saber Corporation is always looking for ways to integrate appropriate technology at the right time.

AIM Features

- Saber Corporation always strives to architect the software to give you the customer the ability to setup the system.  AIM allows our customers the ability to redesign many of the screens.  You get to decide how the services you perform for your customers are named in the system.  You get to decide how the assessments are worded, what order they appear and which employees can see which groups of questions.  Most of the customizations require no technical skills and management of the each piece is built right into the system;  implementing the screen design customizations takes a bit of technical knowledge so if adequate resources do not exist in your organization you can contract with Saber Corporation or another third party to perform this work for you.

What data can the software collect
Intake Screens for Clients, Caregivers, Volunteers, and Employees
Products and Services to Clients, Caregivers, and Volunteers
Products and Services you perform for groups
Client Assessments
Care Plan
Case Notes
Waiting Lists
Client & Caregiver Relationships
Information & Assistance
If you do not see what you are looking for please drop us a line, share with us what you are looking for, and we will discuss ways in which AIM may be able to accomplish your goals.